MedYC is an annual conference run by Campus Bible Study for students studying Medicine at UNSW. While the Medicine timetable makes it challenging to attend MYC with the wider CBS family, MedYC is the opportunity to engage with what’s at the heart of MYC – deep engagement with God’s word, with one another.


This page will be your one-stop portal to access MedYC 2020! You can use the dropdown menu on the top of the page, or the links below to access the various activities and resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I come?
Because you don’t want to miss out! M(ed)YC one of the best opportunities to dig deep for a sustained period of time in the Bible – it’s your opportunity to have your preconceptions of life and this world broken down and reshaped to align with God’s. As a medicine student, you’ve already begun to make decisions that will shape your whole life. Let’s work hard at shaping those decisions around God’s word. Not to mention – this is the first time Resurrection has been covered as a topic as MYC since 2002!

But don’t just take it from us – here are some of the Phase 3 Med students & grads who weren’t able to make either MYC or MedYC this year – so they made the effort to cover the material over a weekend!

What will it look like?
Three days of digging deep into the Bible across a number of different formats, including small group Bible study, larger seminars and watching Bible talks. The conference will be entirely online, with the majority of the sessions hosted over Zoom.

What will I need?
What you probably already have. A laptop / computer, access to a Bible, basic stationery, decent internet connection and a ready to get stuck in attitude!

If you register before standard registration closes, you will receive a physical conference pack in the mail, which will contain a conference booklet and copy of the manuscript discovery Bible Study (among other things). Everyone will also get access to digital copies of the materials.

Can I come to MedYC if I can only make certain days?
It is (much) better if you can commit to the whole conference. Much better.
If you can only commit to part of the conference or have any questions about this, please speak to Daniel, Caitlin or Felicity.

🌱 MYseeds
Below is helpful step by step guidance on planting the MYseeds that you received in your MYC pack!
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