One of the great opportunities we have at MYC is to expand and challenge our thinking on Mission around the world and on Theology and Christian living. We are very fortunate to learn and hear from our missionary partners, guests and CBS staff on a variety of different topics and themes.

Sadly, we won’t have live electives at MedYC this year, but there are a handful of electives that were recorded at MYC that you will be able to access below! There is no allocated time during the conference, but we encourage you to make time after the conference to watch at least one of the electives below.

Resurrection & The Environment
Lionel Windsor
Why don’t more Christians seem to care about the environment? Haven’t we been told to ‘subdue and have dominion over it’? Join us to think about how Christ’s resurrection has given us both hope and responsibility for the world we live in, while we wait for his return.

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The Purpose of the Church
Chase Kuhn
Jesus makes some pretty big statements about the Church. So, what (or who) is the Church, how important is gathering together, and what happens when we disagree? Come and explore the incredible thing that is Christ’s Church!

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Dealing with Shame & Guilt
Dan Wu
Shame and guilt are powerful and important concepts that deeply affect each one of us. But they’re also key to the gospel, our relationship with God, and ministry. In this seminar, we’ll explore what the Bible teaches about them, and how understanding them in light of God’s Word helps us not only deal with them well, but makes us more effective in serving God, and bringing the message of Christ to the world around us.

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Protestants and Catholics on the Resurrection
Mark Gilbert
Have you wondered why Protestant and Catholic churches exist? Is there a difference between these churches’ implications of the Resurrection? If so, how much does it matter and how do we treat each other?

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Is COVID-19 the Judgement of God?
Joshua Ng
Rarely has there been a disaster that not only dominates every country in the world, but also acutely affects each one of us. Many questions have been asked in the media except this one, “Is COVID-19 the judgment of God?” Christians rightly have prayed and cared…but to say that it is the judgment of God seems callous and unloving. What does the Bible say? What shall we say?

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